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The inclusion of indigenous languages in science and technology is crucial for fostering inclusivity and promoting cultural diversity. However, Nigerian indigenous languages suffer marginalization in these fields, hindering their development and perpetuating linguistic inequality. Despite being rich in linguistic diversity, many indigenous languages in Nigeria are underrepresented or completely excluded from scientific and technological discourse.

This marginalisation limits access to knowledge and opportunities for speakers of these languages, exacerbating disparities in education and employment. Moreover, the dominance of English and other colonial languages in scientific and technological domains further marginalises indigenous languages, relegating them to the status of "minority" languages.

To address this issue, efforts must be made to integrate indigenous languages into scientific and technological education, research, and communication. Empowering indigenous language speakers to participate fully in these fields not only promotes linguistic justice but also enriches scientific knowledge and fosters cultural pride. It is imperative for Nigeria to prioritize the inclusion of indigenous languages in science and technology to ensure linguistic diversity and equitable access to opportunities for all its citizens.


The mission of the conference is to create a one-of-a-kind platform that bring linguists, researchers, educators, community members, and policymakers to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the Nigerian languages’ inclusion in science and technology.


To achieve a linguistically diversified society that highlights the significance and inherent value of inclusive sci-tech initiatives across all aspects of society, ensuring that no language is left behind or forgotten in the development of any science and technology tools.

The team

Our strength is in our individuality. The collective efforts of Raphael Ogbu, Aanuoluwapo Olomolaatan, Amina Yusuf Ali, Sagir Wakili, Omodasolami Ganiya, and Awo-Ndubuisi Esther make the conference a success.

Onyekachi Ogbu

Teacher / Linguist

Amina Yusuf-Ali

Journalist / Broadcaster

Sagir Wakili